Ghosts of the Odeon

Chester's 1936 Art Deco Odeon cinema closed in 2007, and has stood empty ever since. In the next few years it will be redeveloped as part of the RE:NEW project, transforming it into a new Cultural Centre in the heart of the city.

This short video was the result of a couple of very busy days filming in the derelict Chester Odeon. After helping out on the shoot days, I was then tasked with creating some of the 3D effects shots that appear throughout the film.

The matte paintings of the derelict building at the start of the film was composited by Mark Ellingham from many different elements I generated including, flickering neon signs, fluttering hazard tape, boarded up windows and far more that he brought to the shot himself.

Thunderbird 2

The 3 shots  of the CGI Thunderbird 2 that flies around the upper lobby were a lot of fun to do and a real labour of love. The entire lighting environment inside the room was recreated to give a really integrated feel to the shots, again composited by Mark.

HAL from 2001.

I also created the final sound mix and worked on a couple of the musical homages that appear throughout  the film

HAL from 2001