Fast Animation - Twice...

A few weeks ago I was approached by a video production company who had been let down by an animator they had commissioned to work on a video for them. After having the project to work on for several weeks it was only one week before the project deadline that the animator said he would be unable to hit the deadline. I was asked whether it was possible to take the project on, with less than 1 week to produce finished animation of this 3 minute video. I said yes, little realising I would have to do it twice...

After a quite polish up of the script I sat down to quickly model and animate the key shots from the video, a series of quite visually busy but nebulous scenes which needed all the help they could get. I worked hard over the next 3 days to animate and deliver the completed shots to the video company so that they could complete their own work on the music and sound for the video. A few still samples of the shots supplied can be seen below.

At this stage I was feeling quietly please at having completed the impossible with sufficient time for the music and sound work to be carried out by the video company. Then, disaster. The client had changed their mind and was no longer happy with the colour palette of the renders that they had approved only a few days ago, could they be jazzed up?

Not being too pleased about having to throw out 3 days work I had to totally rebuild the colour palette of the videos to reflect this new request. The original colours had been chosen to be sympathetic to the corporate branding and also worked well with the hand drawn animation effect used in the 3D renderer. The new brighter renders can be seen below.

The new revised renders were generated over the next 3 days and delivered in time for the video to be screen on schedule at the end of the week. Whew, that was hard!

Looking back on the project I still prefer the original colour palette chose. At the start of the project I was able to devote more time to selecting mutually sympathetic tones, whilst the second version was inevitably a much more rushed affair. I am however justly proud that I was able to deliver not just one, but two separate versions of this video, on time. It would have been nice to have had the project from the start and hopefully next time I'll be the first choice for this client