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Welcome back to the new look Joseph-Fox.com

Over the winter months we’ve been undergoing a bit of a face lift.

Everything should be up and running now, there will be some additional content coming online shortly and hopefully a few more regular updates to the news section!

Please look around, and if you find any broken links please mention in the comments section below.

Early morning location filming for Chester History Documentary

Another early start and busy morning filming in and around Chester as part of the forthcoming DVD on the history of St John the Baptist Church Chester - racing against the clock whilst there are still some leaves on the trees.

St. John the Baptist Chester

Spent a pleasant hour walking the ruined section of St John the Baptist Church in Chester, I also had a friendly little helper how followed me around the ruins - some exciting news regarding this site coming soon...

Rhuddlan Castle - is still coming

Well Rhuddlan Castle is still on it's way - it has been a long time coming, but I've been breaking new ground on this one and have some really great surprises in store. There's over 100 3D shots finished and about a dozen left to go. I'm right in the middle of a very complex cutaway sequence which has over 4000 separate frames - so that's over 200 hours of render time on one shot alone!

Work in progress on the River Gate

Work in progress on the River Gate