The only limit is your imagination…

The only limit is your imagination…

Take a trip through the galleries to view the wide variety of projects we have created 3D models & renders for, including:

  • Marine survival equipment

  • Historical reconstructions

  • Hydro-electric power generation

  • Housing estate development

  • Industrial petrol pump solutions

  • Military survival equipment

  • Fuel delivery solutions

  • Recycling technology

  • Funeral supplies

  • Feature films

Life Jackets & Marine Survival Equipment

The following gallery presents a wide variety of life jackets, marine survival equipment and military harnesses produced for Survitec Group. These designs were created for various departments within the group over a period of years. The computer models were produced during the prototype phase of product development and had to match the exacting life saving standards Survitec work to.

Ten harness designs were prepared as the centre piece of Survitec Group’s stand at DSEI 2015 alongside the full prototype versions of each harness. With such international scrutiny at this prestigious event every aspect of the design was meticulously recreated.

Fuel Pump Solutions

A common request is to produce realistic 3D models to showcase a product or range of products before they enter the market. The following gallery shows a selection of the fuel pump designs created for Merridale Fuel Management Systems to visualise their entire updated product line. There were a wide variety of models with different specifications which were carefully followed. Special attention was paid in the creation of bespoke brushed metal textures to create the final luxurious finish,

Once 3D modelling is completed we frequently provide animation for use in final video productions. Below are a few examples.

One of a series of corporate videos created for Oil Tank Supplies Ltd. Featuring accurate 3D petrol tanks and schematic animation

Ghosts of the Odeon featuring a CGI Thunderbird 2, HAL and virtual Odeon matt painting

Dreamscape, trailer for feature film containing a full digital cityscape, helicopters and other 3D FX

Full 3D Animated Logo created for Snowball Productions


Historical Reconstructions

Below are a wide variety of 3D renders from various historical reconstruction projects.

Each project required extensive research on location and from various academic resources, to achieve coherent period design. These historical reconstructions are amongst some of the most detailed ever attempted and include full interior layout of every aspect of the structures, allowing detailed cutaways to be created.


Rhuddlan castle

Rhuddlan Castle Gateway to Wales was a complex project which involved the full digital reconstruction of the 13th century stone castle which was heavily damaged in the English Civil War, and also a visualisation of the long destroyed original wooden castle on nearby Twt Hill.

The project also involved detailed work to illustrate the re-direction of the River Clwyd and reconstruction of medieval ships to service the castle and town.

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle was an extremely challenging 3D modelling and animation project, comprising two x 45 minute episodes containing a total of over 30 minutes of 3D video content.

In addition to modelling the intricate details inside and outside the castle, I was faced with the daunting prospect of re-creating one the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Drawing inspiration from many original buildings and manuscript sources I was able to generate a wide range of possible structures to populate Medieval Conwy.

With such a such a complex site and a high volume of 3D renders it was important to develop a graphical version of the model for location marker and cutaway sequences that would both provide clarity and meet the render timeline for the project. This can be seen in the “blue” structural renders which provide a fresh and unique perspective on the structures.


Trailer for Conwy Castle Medieval Masterpiece produced by Lost in Castles. The 90 minute double feature includes over 30 minutes of 3D animation.

Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle was the first historic site reconstructed over a decade ago. This hidden gem of North Yorkshire is a surprisingly complex structure and required considerable study to create the castle at various stages of it’s development.


Trailer for Middleham - A Castle Made for Kings produced by Lost in Castles.

Sandal Castle

Sandal Castle was a demanding and unusual 3D modelling project. The site of the castle in Wakefield was heavily ruined during the English civil war, with very little stonework remaining above ground.

There was however an excellent archaeological survey available that provided much of the necessary detail to attempt a reconstruction of the site. Additional data had to be gathered by examining several french donjons to interpolate the upper floors of the keep. The original wooden hall pre-dating the castle was also re-constructed using the position of the post holes in the site as a guide.


Trailer for Sandal Castle - The Battle of Wakefield produced by Lost in Castles.