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Joseph Fox is an award-winning composer with over 20 years experience creating music for multi-media projects. He has worked with a wide variety of corporate and creative clients and collaborated with other musical artists across many genres.

In 2007 he was awarded the Best Feature Length Score for his work on the science fiction film “Dreamscape”v at the Goldspirit Awards in Ubeda, Spain. You can stream the score in it’s entirety on this site.

Throughout his career Joseph has worked to create his own musical style and brings a unique creative perspective to every project.

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An excerpt from the science fiction adventure Head Hunt. Music by Joseph Fox.

A short excerpt from the psychological thriller Rorschach. The full soundtrack is available to listen on this site.

Dreamscape CD Cover 2.jpg
Dreamscape CD Cover.jpeg


by Joseph Fox

Dreamscape was the first full length feature film scored by Joseph Fox. Written and directed by his brother Daniel, the film was awarded the Best Feature Score at the Goldspirit Jerry Goldsmith You Film Composer Awards in 2007.

The Fortress CD Cover 1.jpg
The Fortress CD Cover.jpeg

The Fortress

by Joseph Fox

A selection of tracks exploring the ideas of heroism and warfare.

Hidden Worlds 1.jpg
Hidden Worlds.jpg

Hidden Worlds

by Joseph Fox

Hidden Worlds takes you on a journey across the globe from the depths of the jungle to the arctic circle. It is imbued with a sense of wonder, romance and adventure.

Rorschach 1.jpg


by Joseph Fox

Rorschach was written as the underscore for a student film. The story was a deeply unsettling psychological drama involving split personalities and dark thoughts…